FileMaker’s Database Project For Kids helps schools offer instruction in a much-needed skill

FileMaker Inc. promoted its FileMaker Database Project For Kids, which aims to supplement the database training that many schools have had difficulty addressing so far. “Schools are doing a poor job of teaching database [skills],” explained Bob Barboza, one of the project’s developers. Yet these skills are needed in the world students will encounter when they leave school, he said. FileMaker has beta-tested the project in three middle schools so far, sending database trainees to Junior Business, Junior Medical, or Junior Law schools. These labs simulate the environments in which professionals work. The FileMaker software “was so intuitive, the kids could operate the database within a week,” Barboza said. In addition, Barboza noted that algebra and other subjects that are difficult to get kids interested in are embedded in each of the database projects. Students must solve certain problems to get to the next level of the Junior professional narrative, and in doing so, the program demonstrates the real-world importance of topics such as math–something teachers have been trying to pull off since before Aristotle began compiling his lesson plans, Barboza said.

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