Fortres Grand offers easy tech inventory with PC Manifest

Fortres Grand Corp., a developer of desktop security, access control, and reporting software, has announced an asset inventory software solution called PC Manifest. PC Manifest creates a complete inventory of all the hardware, software, and system information for each computer on a network. By installing PC Manifest on a single server, administrators reportedly can track all the computer assets connected to a domain. The system monitors license compliance and supplies an application inventory that lists all the software loaded on every computer. By clicking on an application name, you can get a list of all computers with the same software installed. Discovering unused licenses will save your schools money, the company says, because you can eliminate any unnecessary software license purchases. The system also reportedly allows you to pull screen captures from any monitor on the system. It provides detailed lists of software, hardware, and system changes since the last audit. Adminstrators can quickly identify all spyware, adware, instant messaging, and chatware installed on the network. Reports can be sorted by a number of criteria: software, fonts, hardware specifications, and so on. You can also inventory available hard drive space on the system and install memory on every computer. The system includes an alert that tells when hardware is removed from a computer, and it provides thorough documentation of installed applications and fonts for the purposes of disaster recovery and regular computer replacement. It also provides documentation for troubleshooting inconsistent application behavior between computers, the company says. PC Manifest is available directly from Fortres Grand or through resellers in the United States. Pricing begins at $59 for a single license, and volume discounts are available.

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