Gaggle Blogs

Gaggle.Net, a provider of secure student eMail to school districts across the country, demonstrated its latest feature, Gaggle Blogs. The company says Gaggle Blogs will serve as a safe blogging solution to help protect students from the dangers associated with typical blogging web sites. Gaggle says its blogs are safer because the product leaves teachers in control. Teachers can decide if access to the student blogs are restricted to just within the school or district, or opened to the outside world. They can password protect blogs, restrict who can comment on the blogs, hide full names and eMail addresses, and prevent the posting of pictures. Teachers decide if all blog entries and comments must be approved before posting. Gaggle also provides tools for filtering blogs. Each entry is scanned against a blacklist of inappropriate words and phrases and all graphic files are processed through Gaggle’s anti-pornography scanner. The company says the scanner can block pornographic images while permitting more appropriate ones.

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