Holt’s Live Ink Reading Help effective for all types of learners

HRW also has added a unique reading and study aid to the online versions of Holt textbooks, including Holt Biology and the entire line of Holt Online Learning social studies curricula. Called Live Ink Reading Help, the technology promises to help students of any reading proficiency increase their comprehension of the material. Live Ink Reading Help conveys visual cues to sentence structure through a patented method of reformatting text in a visually friendly, cascading-phrase style that helps students become better readers. Research in reading proficiency among all students using Live Ink, including English-language learners and gifted pupils, reportedly found a significant increase in reading proficiency test scores during a year-long study. “This is one of the most exciting developments in reading comprehension of recent years, and now Holt is the first and only textbook publisher to put this research into use,” said Fowler. “We believe that Live Ink-enhanced text will significantly improve learning for all students.” Live Ink was developed by researchers at Walker Reading Technologies Inc., who reviewed 50 years of published research in cognitive neuroscience, linguistics, visual perception, information processing, and reading psychology to develop fundamental algorithms for processing text into a format that is easier for the eyes to scan and for the brain to comprehend. Holt holds the exclusive rights to use the Live Ink technology. Users of Holt’s online social studies and biology textbooks can choose the format they prefer–standard, block-paragraph, or the Live Ink format–with a single mouse click, which opens up a browser window with the modified text layout.

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