InterWrite PRS

GTCO CalComp announced a new partnership with Learning Pathways Ltd., a British provider of multimedia and online content. The partnership makes more than 2,000 test questions and answers from Learning Pathways available to be used with GTCO CalComp’s InterWrite PRS student assessment product. GTCO CalComp has selected certain Learning Pathways test bank questions focused on math, science, and English to be included in all InterWrite PRS systems shipped outside the U.S. InterWrite PRS is a classroom response system through which every student can participate in answering interactive questions with remote-control devices. Results are instantly charted and displayed for real-time student feedback and lesson refinement, according to the company. The InterWrite PRS RF uses radio-frequency technology and features a two-line LCD display that allows students to see their answers and receive instant notification that the answers were successfully transmitted to the teacher.

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