Introducing two new versions of its Insights: ReadingFluency Voice Verification Software–powered by the Soliloquy Reading Assistant®


Insights: ReadingFluency Version 3 is a uniquely interactive voice verification software powered by the Soliloquy Reading Assistant®. The voice recognition software’s extremely accurate technology listens to students as they read aloud and assists them in developing fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Six grade-level software libraries of award-winning picture books motivate elementary students and older struggling readers to become confident, expressive readers.

Insights: ReadingFluency Version 3 provides enhanced voice verification and additional support features, including vocabulary and comprehension help and accessibility features approved by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). Insights: ReadingFluencyVersion 3 is also available in a new Network Edition that offers the same student features and enables educators to configure reports by any category, for example, by classroom, book titles, group, or marking period.

Dr. Marilyn Jager Adams, Chief Scientist/Architect of the Soliloquy Learning” Speech-Recognition and Reading Technology, conducted a 17-week validation study in Framingham, Mass. Half of the classrooms in each of Grades 2-5 worked with the fluency software for slightly more than one half-hour session per week. Pre- and post-study tests showed that fluency growth for intervention classrooms was significantly greater than for the control classrooms. Across grades, fluency growth of the children who used the software surpassed expected growth as based on national norms by more than 40%, amounting to nearly half a school year’s worth of added progress.

Insights: ReadingFluency draws from the content of Charlesbridge Publishing award-winning children’s books–3 fiction libraries for grades 1-6 and 3 nonfiction libraries for grades 1-6. The software is sold in packages for five to 50 users starting at $1,150 for the non-network version and $3,250 for the network version (microphone headsets included for each licensed workstation).

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