Learning Today releases new tool to speed downloading of internet-based curricula

Learning Today Inc. has released a new, advanced file-caching technology called Lightning Cache, designed to increase the speed and reliability of educational content delivery over the internet. Learning Today says the technology can result in at least a 400-percent improvement in curriculum delivery speed and a decrease in student wait time of about 75 percent–regardless of your schools’ original bandwidth levels. Slow response time is one of the most common complaints of internet users. According to Sukanti Husain, director of educational technology for Learning Today, long wait times “increase students’ frustrations and significantly decrease students’ ability to concentrate.” The effectiveness of a student’s educational experience is diminished by this waiting, Husain says. The most common answer to the excessive slowdowns in content delivery time has been to implement additional hardware called caching servers. While caching servers can optimize bandwidth and access to web-based content, they do not address what the company calls a root cause of the problem: that much web-based educational content lacks advanced compression techniques or inherent caching technology. Learning Today’s method of file caching reportedly enables schools and students to receive faster download times, regardless of current hardware and bandwidth capabilities. One principal from Florida who has tested the product said, “Teachers and computer lab specialists [in my school] have noticed a significant increase in how fast the lessons load” when using the technology. “Now our students are able to access their lessons immediately. Our staff can see how this makes a difference in [students’] attention and motivation just by watching their body language.” For pricing and other information, contact Learning Today.

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