Lightspeed Firewall provides advanced network protection–and is now eRate-eligible

Lightspeed Systems, a developer of network security software products, has introduced a new product called Lightspeed Firewall. The new software provides integrated, multiple levels of security to create a comprehensive firewall solution. The product was developed specifically for the education market and incorporates recommendations from IT professionals who manage some of the country’s largest educational networks, according to Rob McCarthy, company president. Lightspeed Firewall begins with traditional firewall security, but administrators can tailor the firewall to the specific security policies of their institution. According to Lightspeed, the software can detect and prevent network intrusions; control all applications on the network and track their usage; monitor and report on network and user activity; allow or deny HTTP, FTP, and SMTP commands; and resolve usernames for policy enforcement. An option to block spyware, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer traffic also is included in the system. The Lightspeed Firewall security system is available for $10,000 and–thanks to new program rule changes–is now eRate eligible.

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