Literacy and math intervention in a single program from Autoskill

(From eSchool News September 2005 print edition)

AutoSkill International Inc., a maker of literacy intervention software for K-12 schools, has released new software intended to help struggling students build foundational skills in both reading and math.

AutoSkill’s Literacy Intervention Suite combines the technologies and capabilities of two research-based products: the company’s Academy of Reading software, designed to build automatic recognition skills in reading; and its Academy of Math program, which works to build proficiency in mathematics.

The combined program features automated monitoring, management, and reporting tools to track student, classroom, and school progress in both subjects. The company says its all-in-one product will help optimize the use of professional development funds and IT resources by offering math and reading intervention in one consistent, web-based package.

Pricing for the AutoSkill Literacy Intervention Suite varies depending on the size of the district or school. Licenses start at $1,200 per building.

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