Meet the test of providing continual assessment with this STIAssessment

According to the American Association of Higher Education, student assessment works best when it is ongoing, not episodic. Improvement is best fostered when assessment involves a coordinated series of activities undertaken over time, monitoring progress toward clearly defined educational goals. To help school leaders address this challenge, Software Technology Inc. (STI) has created a web-based solution called STIAssessment. The software reportedly integrates with any existing school or student information system to help schools increase student achievement and meet No Child Left Behind requirements.

“Without the integration of systems, data are disparate, and it is difficult to pinpoint areas for improvement in curriculum and instruction,” said Rob Fiance, CEO of STI. “Our new tool allows for the archiving and alignment of student data to assessment data, creating a living assessment record that follows students throughout their school career.”

STIAssessment aims to make frequent benchmark testing and continuous tracking of student achievement easy to manage. Using the solution’s STICreator, educators can develop their own test items and tag them to state and district benchmarks to create their own assessments. Or, they can select questions from an existing test item bank to create assessments that are tightly aligned with local standards. The solution addresses the varying levels of access to technology in the classroom by allowing educators to deliver and score assessments either online or on paper. The scanning technology offered in STIAssessment imports paper-based student test scores into the online assessment platform. Minutes after students have taken their tests, the software reportedly can provide formative assessment data by student, class, school, or district. Reports can be accessed online for immediate feedback, and data can be exported easily into a Microsoft Excel file to complete the required reports, STI says. The software’s online data analysis tools enable district administrators, principals, and teachers to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and alter instruction accordingly. Administrators also can view test performance data in aggregated or disaggregated format to allocate resources where they are needed most, STI says. STIAssessment costs $12 per student per year, with volume discounts available.

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