NetSupport School 7.5 gives views of up to 16 student screens at once

(From NECC 2004)

NetSupport Inc. showed conference attendees its latest security and management software application, NetSupport School 7.5. A NetSupport representative told eSchool News that the management system “allows teachers to focus on what they do best–teaching.” Instructors can centrally manage the workstations of an entire PC lab with NetSupport School. One option allows instructors to display a screen on individual or selected student workstations. Another option gives teachers thumbnail views of up to 16 student computer screens at a time. The screen, keyboard, and mouse of any given student workstation also can be controlled through NetSupport School 7.5. The NetSupport system permits instructors to capture screen freezes from student workstations, and student activity can be recorded down to the individual keystroke. The system will continue to record such student activity until it is told to stop. These functions operate on the level of the classroom or, for curious administrators, the entire school. Teachers can identify active and minimized applications on student computers. Applications can be dragged and dropped into “approved” and “restricted” lists. Approval and restriction can be managed down to the individual student level. An instructor also can rigidly control student eMail, permitting students to send and receive messages only to and from approved addresses. Netsupport 7.5 includes a full Student Testing Module that allows an instructor to design, customize, and administer tests in multimedia formats. Instant student surveys also are available. Using these tools, instructors can immediately find out if students have internalized materials presented in the classroom.

Note: Version 8 released in May 2005.

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