New software suite brings centralized control to network security

Network administrators looking to curb the number of viruses and other assaults launched on school computers–but who are tired of bouncing from one machine to the next to install the latest security patches–might consider investing in the new LANDesk Security Suite, which company officials describe as the first fully-integrated solution for managing systems and security across enterprise organizations. The LANDesk Security Suite reportedly enables customers to proactively manage and defend against a variety of threats, including malicious attacks, adware, system intrusion, and spyware, to name a few. According to company executives, the product comes in response to requests from customers, analysts, and IT departments for a security solution that lets administrators check, cleanse, and update every machine on the network from a single, centralized location. Not only can IT administrators remove and block spyware and “malware” on machines throughout a school or even an entire district, LANDesk says, but Security Suite also enables administrators to inventory systems, identify vulnerabilities, and test and deploy fixes automatically as necessary. Solutions include: (1) enterprise-wide spyware detection and removal capabilities to help prevent data loss and protect data; (2) robust, proactive, and updated patch management capabilities to keep systems up to date; (3) a security “Threat Analyzer” to verify group memberships, check for unnecessary services, verify internet connection firewall status, restrict anonymous users, and more; (4) application denial functions that prevent unauthorized users from deleting or downloading certain applications across the network; and (5) a “Connection Control Manager” to control client access to networks, verify lists of authorized connections, and enable or disable USB ports, modems, drives, ports, or wireless access. The LANDesk Security Suite is now available through LANDesk authorized resellers. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $59 per node for the first year and a content subscription of $29 per node for each year thereafter. Upgrade pricing for current LANDesk Management Suite customers also is available.

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