New solution for video: A client-free player

Video Furnace has developed a solution for distributing video over an internet-protocol (IP) network that eliminates the need for a desktop media player. The Video Furnace solution streams TV-quality MPEG video to users’ desktops without the need for a pre-installed player, such as QuickTime, RealPlayer, or Windows Media Player. Instead, Video Furnace delivers a small, 200-kilobyte player of its own once a video stream is requested. This player appears on the user’s desktop and then disappears when the user closes his or her viewing window. Because the solution works with any Windows, Macintosh, or even Linux-based computer, it eliminates the media player management and compatibility headaches that school IT staff now frequently deal with, Video Furnace says. It also gives each user on the network the same uniform viewing experience, regardless of his or her client machine.

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