Pearson Digital Learning announces super NovaNET release

Pearson Digital Learning has unveiled the biggest release to date of its NovaNET online courseware system, with 129 new or enhanced multimedia lessons. NovaNET, a standards-based curriculum and assessment system designed for students in grades 6-12, provides individualized instruction for thousands of learners across the nation, Pearson says. The NovaNET 2004 release includes 79 brand-new chemistry lessons and 50 new multimedia-enhanced lessons in math and language arts, all benefiting from a new look that offers an attractive, intuitive interface designed to make learning easier and more engaging for students. According to Sandra Lassiter, product manager for NovaNET, the release should be particularly appealing to high schools as they struggle to help students obtain the math and science skills necessary to meet adequate yearly progress requirements and for an increasing technology- and science-based society. “Many students struggle in these subject areas because some concepts are difficult to grasp through standard textbook and lecture means,” said Lassiter. “A recent study by the National Science Foundation found that computer tutorials dramatically improve student attitudes toward these subjects.” The addition of the 79 new chemistry lessons means that the NovaNET chemistry curriculum now constitutes a full high school chemistry course. These new chemistry lessons teach students through simulated experiments, problem sets, and animations, including video. Topics include bonding, elements, measurement, atomic structures, gases, oxidation and reduction, rates and equilibrium, acids and bases, and more. Among the 26 enhanced multimedia lessons in language arts, topics include reading comprehension, grammar and usage, reference, spelling, and vocabulary. The 24 enhanced lessons in math address such topics as polynomials, factoring, and graphing and equations. The new release, consisting of two CDs and support materials, has been shipped at no additional charge to all current NovaNET subscribers. Customers may deploy the new lessons–as well as the entire NovaNET library of multimedia lessons–from the CDs or from the NovaNET web site. All NovaNET lessons operate on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

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