Pinnacle Analytics

As the federal No Child Left Behind Act continues to drive the need for effective data management in schools, Excelsior Software highlighted the latest evolution of its Pinnacle Analytics product (formerly called District Data Analyzer). Through the program, educators and administrators are able to tap into different data streams, taking stock of everything from student performance on standardized tests to enrollment in Advanced Placement courses, the number of students who qualify for free or reduced-priced lunches, and how English as a Second Language students are performing compared with the general student population, among other variables. The goal, according to Excelsior, is to provide a single point of access for educators to view and evaluate the data necessary to make sound instructional decisions. Realizing that educators aren’t statisticians, the company has designed a new and improved dashboard feature that allows users to view information in a variety of color-coded graphs and charts, enabling them to choose how this information is presented.

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