PolyVision Corp. demonstrated its recently launched Thunder Virtual Flipchart System

PolyVision Corp., a provider of visual communication products, demonstrated its recently launched Thunder Virtual Flipchart System. PolyVision said the flipchart system allows new possibilities for collaboration among groups and teams in which any data and information, in any format, can be communicated, stored, displayed, and organized–all captured on an unlimited, shared group canvas in real time. The group easel feature allows input and sharing of any media image, analog or digital, PolyVision said. Participants can use the feature to control functionality and jot notes and drawings onto a “page” with a stylus or finger. Multiple pages are projected onto the wall in high resolution, allowing all the information to remain visible to all participants. Participants can use point-and-click options to permit users from other sessions, classrooms, or even other countries to join a session, see all of the posted information, exchange data, and share ideas–regardless of their physical location.

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