Promethean releases ACTIVstudio 2 for Mac OS X

(from NECC 2005)

Promethean Inc., which produces the ACTIVboard interactive whiteboard, showcased its recently announced ACTIVstudio2 software for Macintosh OS X. Totally rewritten for OS X, ACTIVstudio 2 includes a large selection of searchable resources, a new interface, and many new interactive tools for lesson creation and student collaboration, Promethean said. ACTIVstudio2 has a new searchable resource library that teachers can use to develop collaborative lessons for the ACTIVboard quickly and easily. Lessons can be saved locally or to a central storage point and catalogued by keywords (such as state standards, topic, grade level, subject, or activity type). The company designed this new feature to encourage collaboration among teachers and turn the lesson creation software into a district-wide curriculum delivery vehicle. ACTIVstudio2 for OS X also features a 3D interface. Each placed object or handwritten annotation casts a shadow on the page, making the images “pop” out from the ACTIVboard. The Lake Washington School District in Redmond, Wash., has decided to place the Promethean Collaborative Classroom solution in each of its 48 schools. School officials said the district-wide implementation was based on four important factors: integration with current district technology; demand-generating pilots; community support; and the district’s evaluation of currently installed classrooms in other school systems. Forsyth County Schools, north of Atlanta, Ga., also has chosen to deploy the Promethean Collaborative Classroom solution, which includes the ACTIVboard, ACTIVstudio, and ACTIVprimary lesson development software, as well as attendant interactive learning devices.

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