Pulaski County Special School District Selects PLATO Learning for Special Education Program

MINNEAPOLIS — January 29, 2007 — PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUTR), a leading provider of K–adult computer-based and e-learning solutions, announced a $507,000 agreement with Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD; Ark.) to provide instructional support and professional development for the district´s special education program. Under the agreement, PLATO Learning will provide instructional content in literacy and math with the PLATO® Achieve Now curriculum, hardware, and professional services in the district´s elementary, middle, and high school special education programs.

"Our goal for using PLATO Achieve Now in our Special Education Programs is to implement a results oriented program that is grounded in solid research that will improve student achievement and enhance teaching and learning in literacy and math for the special education students we serve," said Becky Barr, (former) director of special education, Pulaski County Special School District. "The PCSSD selection committee saw PLATO Achieve Now as an outstanding match for the needs of our special education students´ individualized education program (IEP)."

Students access PLATO Achieve Now using the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. "The PLATO Achieve Now standards-based curriculum is highly engaging and motivating. Almost every student already knows how to use video games. Our students have reacted very positively to this technology and the highly interactive way they are now accessing their assignments," said Barr.

"The District had high standards when selecting a vendor," said John Goswick, director of instructional technology, Pulaski County Special School District. "We wanted to ensure that we were providing quality content that met Arkansas standards and addressed the varied learning needs of students with learning disabilities. PLATO Achieve Now best met the required specifications. This program supports our standards-based curriculum and provides an additional benefit for our students–increased access to technology-driven instructional solutions."

"Evidence of past success also contributed to the committee´s decision. As part of the evaluation process, the committee discovered that many other districts across the country have had tremendous success with improving special education student achievement using this tool. With ongoing professional development and coaching, we believe our teachers´ use will grow and the implementation will get better every year," said Barr.

"We´re very encouraged about the positive impact that PLATO Achieve Now is already having on special education student achievement,." said Dr. Tommy Broyles, PCSSD Special Education Director.

"Teachers who are piloting the implementation model are encouraged about how engaged students are with this technology. They are reporting that PLATO Achieve Now is a valuable resource as a motivational tool for daily classroom instruction and that students are making progress toward their academic goals. Based on that feedback, we are continuing with the rollout plan and are dedicated to providing our teachers with the building-level support that they need and want to ensure a quality implementation and student success," said Broyles.

"PLATO Learning is pleased to have been chosen for the PCSSD Special Education Program. The district has set high standards of excellence for students, staff, and the instructional programs the district provides," said Mike Morache, PLATO Learning President and CEO. "We commend the district´s commitment to advancing the academic achievement of all learners and are happy to support their vision of integrating technology as a means of engaging students and preparing them for success in a technology-driven society."

About PLATO Learning

PLATO Learning is a leading provider of computer-based and e-learning instruction for kindergarten through adult learners, offering curricula in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and life and job skills. The Company also offers innovative online assessment and accountability solutions and standards-based professional development services. With over 6,000 hours of objective-based, problem solving courseware, plus assessment, alignment, and curriculum management tools, we create standards-based curricula that facilitate learning and school improvement.

PLATO Learning is a publicly held company traded as TUTR on the NASDAQ. PLATO Learning educational software, delivered via networks, CD-ROM, the Internet, and private intranets, is primarily marketed to K–12 schools and colleges. The Company also sells to job training programs, correctional institutions, military education programs, corporations, and individuals.

PLATO Learning is headquartered at 10801 Nesbitt Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437, 952.832.1000 or 800.869.2000. The Company has offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as international distributors in the United Kingdom and South Africa. For more information, please visit http://www.plato.com.

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