Quality Education Data

CDW-G Inc., a provider of direct computing solutions to academic and government institutions, released the results of its third annual study on the use of technology in schools–and the results are encouraging for advocates of educational technology. The study, “Teachers Talk Tech,” was carried out in partnership with the research firm Quality Education Data, a subsidiary of Scholastic Inc. According to the study, three-quarters of teachers surveyed say computers are effective teaching tools. Sixty-eight percent of teachers believe technology actually improves academic performance. More than half of those surveyed said technology has changed how they teach “a great deal,” an increase of 40 percent over the prior year. Also, 17 percent of the study’s 1,000 respondents label themselves “advanced/expert” users of technology. Last year, only 6 percent of respondents defined themselves as “advanced” tech users. In addition, 93 percent of teachers surveyed believe their school administration supports technology.

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