Realis SX50 projector handles SXGA images

(From InfoComm 2005)

Canon has embraced a projection technology that it believes is even more capable of delivering ultrahigh-resolution (SXGA-plus) images. Called LCOS, or Liquid Crystal on Silicon, the technology is used by other companies, but Canon says it is the first company to take the high-resolution benefits of LCOS panels and bring them to smaller, more portable devices.

The first such device is Canon’s Realis SX50. At $5,000, it’s on the high end for portable projectors, but Michael Zorich, marketing director for the company’s video division, said he expects the price of LCOS technology to come down eventually; plus, he added, schools qualify for special pricing.

If you need to show data-intensive applications to a large room of students, the Realis SX50–which features 2,500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 1,000 to 1–might be worth the investment now. In a special demonstration for eSchool News editors, a spreadsheet with some 40 or 50 fields of data appeared crisp, sharp, and easily legible from at least 15 feet away.

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