Renaissance Learning offers summer reading program for $20 a student

In an effort to increase learning over the summer, Renaissance Learning Inc. is now making its popular Accelerated Reader (AR) program available to students during the summer months through its new AR Summer Reading Program. The AR Summer Reading Program offers access to the entire AR Renaissance Place Complete Subscription Package, which includes the company’s entire quiz library of more than 80,000 quizzes, allowing students to choose from a large selection of books. The program will be available at several locations beginning this summer, and students from area schools will be invited to take part. Community programs will be managed by a local coordinator who will organize quiz-taking sites at convenient locations and times. The AR Renaissance Place technology allows the program to be held in a number of places, including schools, the public library, or a local organization. Coordinators will be paid for their involvement, and schools that encourage the program will receive certificates for Renaissance Learning products. The cost of the AR Summer Reading Program is $20 per student.

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