RM’s Easiteach Studio offers single, standard platform for instruction

RM Educational Software demonstrated its RM Easiteach whole-class instructional software, which gives teachers a number of tools to build lessons that can capture the interest of every student, the company said. Using Easiteach Studio, teachers reportedly can move and manipulate on-screen objects such as text or video; incorporate Easiteach Studio’s wide range of teaching resources, images and symbols, or materials from other sources into instruction; grab, annotate, and drive screens from other applications; use spreadsheets and databases to demonstrate, model, and enhance understanding of concepts; and save interactive teaching materials for future use, or share them within and among schools. The software can be used with any projection device and is designed to run on any interactive whiteboard, too, the company says–thus minimizing staff training needs by giving schools a single, standard platform for instruction that can leverage the schools’ existing resources. Content packs are available for math, language arts, science, and geography, with additional plug-ins for concept mapping and timelines (and a Spanish version of Easiteach Studio) coming soon.

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