SAFARI Video Networks provides video networking tools for teachers

SAFARI Video Networks, a subsidiary of Library Video Company, highlighted its line of digital video networking solutions for schools, including its weDireq content delivery system, which lets teachers access educational videos stored on school or district servers for use in classrooms; its ViiC video-conferencing feature, which lets teachers and students communicate across vast distances; CreationStation, which lets educators upload customized, self-created videos to the network for inclusion in classroom lessons; its Digital Media Commander, a set-top box controller that lets educators toggle between multiple video programs–from school news clips to cable television programs to video-on-demand services–by way of a single user-interface, SecurPath, the company’s remote-controlled, video-recording system that lets educators keep an eye on the hallways, classrooms, parking lots, and other potential trouble spots throughout the school; and Pathways, SAFARI’s closed-circuit broadcast tool that lets schools show full-length DVD and VHS recordings in selected on-campus classrooms. Pricing for these various products can be determined by contacting the company directly. For more information about SAFARI and Library Video Company, see the web site.

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