Sagebrush’s Pinpoint becomes an even more powerful research tool

Sagebrush Corp. announced an upgrade to its integrated research tool, Sagebrush Pinpoint. Pinpoint is intended to help students access and use the best resources for learning by gathering, evaluating, ranking, and reporting the most relevant results–as defined by the district–from multiple sources simultaneously. These sources include libraries, subscription databases, and the World Wide Web. With the release of v1.5 in early March, Pinpoint will allow users to focus their searches on a specific language (English, French, or Spanish), a specific media type (such as a book or picture), or a specific subject area (such as history or geography). Pinpoint v1.5 also will contain a built-in proxy capability that reportedly will enable users to log in to Pinpoint anytime, anywhere and access all of a district’s licensed content without requiring a separate login for each resource. In addition, expanded priority levels will allow districts to apply more weight to resources they think have more educational value. Pinpoint then prioritizes the search results accordingly.

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