School Zone lets users switch back and forth easily between English and Spanish

What is unique about School Zone’s offerings is that users can toggle back and forth between two languages on the fly, without having to log out of one version and log back into the other. This allows students for whom English is a second language to switch back and forth easily between English and Spanish if they get stuck or have trouble understanding either the text or the audio in English. “We’ve listened to educators and parents, and they say there is an influx of Spanish-speaking students in their classes but not enough resources designed specifically for these students,” said Barbara Peacock, the company’s managing director. “Our hope is that these products will do so well in the marketplace that we’ll be able to redo our whole line of software in both English and Spanish.” Everything from the installation instructions on up appears in both languages, Peacock said, so parents at home can succeed with the software, too. “We have teachers who are asking, ‘Are there any products that parents can use at home with their kids?'” she noted. “We’re taking every step we can to reach the Hispanic community.” School Zone Publishing hopes to have bilingual versions of at least 12 more software titles in time for the next school year, said Peacock, who added that all of the company’s products now are compatible with Macintosh OS X systems, too.

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