SchoolMAX Enterprise

MAXIMUS Inc. demonstrated its SchoolMAX Enterprise software, which the company says provides online access to district information for all stakeholders. Teachers can insert grades and student comments and even take attendance through the interactive system. The product is modeled after a traditional gradebook, making it easy for teachers to engage the system, according to the company. Principals can use the system to analyze student data, pull reports, and keep track of their schools’ reporting and results. Using SchoolMAX, the company says, principals can instantly see what changes should be made to ensure their schools achieve their academic goals. What’s more, school technology directors can configure the tool to meet their districts’ needs and can integrate the system with legacy applications. District superintendents can use the SchoolMAX system to access student information and measure student results in real time. The product also offers reports that help superintendents make decisions to drive financial improvements and boost communication with parents, the company said.

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