SchoolNet Assign helps deliver resources to target students’ specific areas of need

SchoolNet announced that it has teamed up with Microsoft Corp. to launch SchoolNet Assign, an instructional management application based on Microsoft Class Server 4.0 technology. The product integrates with SchoolNet’s assessment and data analysis software (or a school system’s existing programs) to pinpoint and deliver appropriate resources that target students’ specific areas of need. SchoolNet Assign will use Class Server 4.0–a brand-new version of Microsoft’s Class Server instructional content delivery system–to deliver, via the internet, individualized lessons and assessments that are aligned with local curriculum standards. Available beginning in February, Class Server 4.0 takes advantage of Microsoft’s SharePoint technology to create a single sign-on portal through which teachers and students can access information and assignments from different systems without having to open up multiple applications. Version 4.0 now also works on Macintosh computers, Microsoft said.

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