Seamlessly integrate technology into instruction with EDclass

EDclass, a new set of K-12 learning activities from SchoolKiT International, is intended to revolutionize the way teachers and students use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in their curriculum with hundreds of classroom-ready activities that make meaningful use of technology to enhance students’ conceptual understanding, higher-order thinking capacity, and creativity, the company says. EDclass simplifies the technology integration process by providing activities that cover the core learning areas. These activities are presented as small, interactive electronic books–called activBooks–that open on students’ and teachers’ computers and guide them through effective, curriculum-based lessons. For example, one science question asks students to explain why the temperature changes through the different layers of the earth’s atmosphere. Students consider background information, then click on a button and are launched into a Microsoft Office template. Here, students layer graphical information over a diagram and explain the correlations, while developing a meaningful understanding of the composition of the different layers of the atmosphere. While working through an EDclass activity, the guidance focuses students on the key curriculum concepts at hand. New technology skills are woven into this context, so students learn these skills as they are needed. EDclass pricing starts at $495 for 30-computer license.

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