Secure both Windows and Macintosh computers with the aid of Drive Vaccine

Drive Vaccine, from Horizon DataSys Inc., is a cross-platform security solution designed for schools requiring optimal availability and functionality of their public-access computers. Regardless of what a user does–including erasing files, installing software, downloading viruses, or tampering with desktop settings–workstations running Drive Vaccine will roll back to their original configuration upon restart. They will be perfectly configured and available for the next user without the need for IT troubleshooting, the company says. “What sets Drive Vaccine apart from its competitors is its cross-platform capability. It is the only product in its class that works on both Mac and Windows operating systems,” said Lyle Patel, Horizon DataSys director of sales and marketing. Drive Vaccine is ideal for school districts, colleges, and universities that have some combination of PC and Mac workstations, Patel said, because it offers remote management capabilities for both platforms. Drive Vaccine costs $39 for a single-user license, and volume discounts are available. Educational pricing starts at $22 and becomes cheaper with higher license volumes.

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