Shoulder your tablet PC comfortably with this unique case and strap

The first time Don Spencer, president of Intelligent Technologies Inc., tried to use his new tablet computer as a writing tool, he realized two things: “This four pounds is going to get too heavy very soon,” he said, and “if I put this computer down, it’s going to get lost or stolen.” He searched the web for something that would hold his tablet while he was using it–and when no such product could be found, he designed one of his own. The result is a close-fitting computer case that aims to solve both problems. The IT Tablet Computer Case is a form-fitting case on an adjustable shoulder strap. The front cover folds back when the case is opened and can be secured against the back panel. The computer fits snuggly into a flexible synthetic binding that holds the computer firmly against the back panel. Users simply open the case and rest the bottom against their stomach, while the top of the case is suspended from the shoulder strap for secure, comfortable writing or other tablet work. When not writing, the computer can hang comfortably on the hip without fear of being dropped or damaged. The writing stylus is securely fastened to an 18-inch cord to prevent its loss–a problem as common as losing a pen, but with more serious results, Spencer says. The shoulder strap wraps around and can be secured against the width of the case, so users can stow the computer neatly in a backpack. A “typing strap” allows users to stand and type with convertible tablets (or notebook computers) suspended in front of them with four-point stability. Cases are designed for each of the most popular tablet computer models and are made of a sturdy, canvas-like nylon. Standard colors are blue or black, but Intelligent Technologies also can provide specific school colors or even arrange for embroidery or silk-screening of a school’s name or mascot.

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