SIFWorks Integration Platform

Edustructures LLC, developer of software infrastructure solutions for K-12 learning environments, featured its SIFWorks Integration Platform, which the company says is built to support all versions of the Schools Interoperability Framework standard. Edustructures says the software streamlines the administration of K-12 schools by allowing applications such as food service, library, transportation, and network and student information to share data automatically and securely. The sharing of this information decreases the amount of time spent on data entry, resulting in better information and analysis, according to the company. SIFWorks permits student enrollment to be carried out in one data entry step, taking an average of four minutes to complete. Without the software, the company says, the same enrollment could require 10 data entry steps at 10 times the time commitment. Different data agencies around the district share data through XML-based messages and events over standard internet protocols. A data entry into one application triggers the immediate sharing of that application with other applications and automates tasks such as generation and publication of a student’s eMail address or the creation of library cards and lunch passes.

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