Software MacKiev offers new tools for Mac OS X Tiger

Software MacKiev, a provider of software for Macintosh computers, has released a new line of updates, and accessory applications for use with the Mac OS X Tiger operating system. Widgets are Tiger graphical displays that appear instantly to give users immediate access to a variety of information. Software MacKiev’s new World Book widget, “This Day in History,” shows significant events in history that took place on any selected date. Click any link on the widget page, and you are taken automatically to the corresponding World Book Encyclopedia article. (This linking feature requires 2005 World Book or later software). In addition, the World Book Notepad Spotlight Plug-In provides compatibility between Spotlight, a desktop search feature in Tiger, and Software MacKiev’s World Book Notepad, a student word processor.

Software MacKiev also has updated its 3-D Weather Globe & Atlas software to take advantage of Tiger’s new features, including Spotlight search compatibility and a widget. Improvements include an increase in the number of cities whose weather you can track (more than 40,000 now, compared with 10,000 before) and a retro-style weather widget that shows barometric pressure, temperature, and wind speed and direction. A free update to 3-D Weather Globe & Atlas Tiger Version 1.1 is available for those who already own the program.

Other free updates also are available. Kid Pix Deluxe 3X Tiger Update 1.0.2 is a free Tiger update that provides Tiger compatibility for all current users of Software MacKiev’s Kid Pix Deluxe 3X. The Print Shop Tiger Update 1.0.7 is a free Tiger update meant to take advantage of Tiger functionality, including Spotlight. Other improvements include the ability to make borderless greeting cards, improved drag-and-drop support, and support for more types of media for the direct-CD printing capabilities already in the Print Shop product.

The new Software MacKiev applications range in price from free for updates and widgets to $59.95 for the 2005 World Book Encyclopedia software.

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