Start Editing Now Classroom Workshop Edition

VideoCraft Workshop, a maker of software programs designed to improve students’ video editing skills, demonstrated the Start Editing Now Classroom Workshop Edition, a new piece of software intended to help students become better digital storytellers. Through this DVD program, students create movies from a series of pre-recorded clips, deciding when and how to edit certain shots, how to frame their story, and how to use video to bring their presentations to life. Apart from a series of interactive video-editing lessons, the product also contains structured lesson plans, enrichment activities, and other resources for integrating video-based activities into daily activities. The product is a complement to Start Editing Now, a consumer-based version that aims to teach novice filmmakers the nuances of effective film and video editing. Said Bill Davis, founder of VideoCraft Workshop, “We are filling an immense void for media instructors in secondary schools, technical colleges, and universities and their students, who are looking for more than just another how to use digital cameras or editing software’ solution.” Rather than just teach students how to use and operate the equipment, Davis says, his company’s product encourages students to think creatively about the footage they capture and to use higher-level thinking skills to communicate effectively through evolving visual media. The Start Editing Now Classroom Workshop Edition sells for $129.95; site-license discounts also are available.

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