Central Xchange, a start-up web services firm, demonstrated Sub-IT, an online service for districts to manage and track their use of substitute teachers. Teachers who need to find a substitute can call in and report the day, or days, they require off. Once their requests have been recorded, this automated system–which includes personal profiles of every teacher and substitute teacher in the district–immediately begins to match the most qualified substitutes available to fill these vacancies. Substitutes can respond to the system by phone or eMail. Once a qualified substitute responds, the company sends this response to the school, and the first qualified sub to accept the offer gets the placement. The company says its product provides a logical, efficient, and cost-effective way for schools to manage their substitute teachers, freeing up building administrators to focus on more important tasks. Other features include a notes section where classroom teachers can leave instructions, notes about particular students, and lesson plans for substitutes to access online; a reporting tool that allows districts to monitor and track individual teacher absences and placements; an expanded communication system that allows teachers to compose mass voice-mail messages to parents in the event of an extended absence; and the ability for teachers and districts to set preferences specifying certain placement criteria. Sub-IT pricing starts at $3.60 per teacher, per month, or districts can choose to pay an annual fee of $36 per teacher.

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