Sun-Tech’s PRO-ONE MINI aims to make AV presentations a cinch

Any educator who has ever given an audiovisual presentation to a room full of students or shown slides to inquisitive parents at a local PTA meeting knows the key to a successful presentation lies in the set-up. If the technology works when it’s supposed to, then the show likely will go off without a hitch. But, if the projector fails, or the wires aren’t connected properly to the audio feed, for example … well, that’s when things turn ugly. To help avoid the embarrassment caused by technical failures, a Hong Kong-based company called Sun-Tech International Group has introduced the Sun-Tech PRO MINI portable audiovisual management device. The MINI is a central hub that educators and other presenters can use to organize the different technical components used for their presentations. From remote projector control functions to master sound and volume controls, the PRO MINI helps ensure you won’t have to run around the room to get the most from your technology, Sun-Tech says. Other features include input controls for DVD players and VCRs, as well as an outlet for PC and laptop connections and a master infrared remote control that replaces the need for multiple remotes during the course of a single presentation.

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