Vantage’s my Access! lets teachers instantly grade open-ended essays online

As the SAT and other important standardized tests begin putting a greater emphasis on writing, Vantage Learning has released a new tool designed to increase student achievement through the act of writing. Powered by IntelliMetric, an artificial intelligence scoring engine, My Access! lets teachers instantly grade open-ended essays online, saving more class time for targeted instruction and one-on-one remediation with students. With no software to download, the online solution provides unlimited writing practice for students from any internet-connected computer. Using IntelliMetric, the company says, teachers receive instant feedback evaluating students’ mastery of selected writing techniques, as well as access to professional development exercises designed to enhance their ability to teach writing. My Access! also contains a number of tools for writers and instructors, including model essays, a writer’s guide, online graphic organizers, spelling and grammar checkers, and a multilingual dictionary/thesaurus to encourage students to build their vocabulary and use words more effectively. Pricing and additional information is available by contacting the company or visiting the web site.

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