Video teaches students about the consequences of racism and violence

In a new documentary distributed by Films for the Humanities and Sciences and the Shoah Foundation, established by renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg in 1984, seven young people armed with mini-camcorders set out to draw a parallel between the instances of intolerance and bigotry they encounter in their everyday lives and the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Students talk candidly about their experiences and provide suggestions for how each of them can strive to make the world a better, more tolerant place. The video, “Giving Voice,” consists of three components: a 25-minute reality TV-style documentary; a 43-minute film of eyewitness accounts from actual Holocaust survivors, courtesy the Shoah Foundation archive; and a teacher’s guide with classroom activities that tie the two videos together. According to Douglas Greenberg, president and chief executive officer of the Shoah Foundation, “Giving Voice is unique: It bridges a chasm of experience that separates today’s youngsters from people who were teenagers when they and their families were victims of one of history’s worst crimes.” Giving Voice was made possible through the support of Universal Studios Home Video. Schools can purchase a VHS copy of the film for $89.95. The DVD version is priced at $99.95.

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