Gates: Secure data remains a key challenge

The Associated Press reports that speaking at an annual gathering of 15,000 computer security experts; Bill Gates said that ensuring data security in the information age is the industry’s most formidable challenge. He likened the current state of affairs to medieval castles.  It’s all well and good to build bigger and thicker walls and moats, but the crown jewels could be left unprotected when members of the fiefdom leave the drawbridge open. Gates said that “we used to think of the data center as a glass house that was very isolated.” However, if one examines what is going on, with consultants coming in and out of a company, off-site employees needing full access, etc., the security issues are numerous.  Because of this, Gates argues that we need a “new paradigm.” …;_ylt=AoFK2rveBEl6SaA6GLldhOdj24cA

eSchool News Staff

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