LearnStar Switches to Annual Licensing

DALLAS–February 9, 2007_ LearnStar, Inc., a leading provider of standards-based education technology for grades kindergarten through twelfth grade announced a pricing restructure for their interactive software program SmartTRAX. LearnStar will now offer annual student licensing, making state-specific standards assessment more affordable for schools and districts. This pricing restructure averages a per-student cost of $3.00 per year depending on content chosen and license quantity. After five consecutive years of licensing, the purchaser owns the software outright. This makes SmartTRAX the most affordable standards-based interactive learning and assessment program of its kind. To see demonstrations of SmartTRAX and more information visit: http://www.learnstar.com/smartTRAX.htm

About SmartTRAX

SmartTRAX by LearnStar is interactive educational software that makes learning fun. The academic competitions, challenging quizzes, real-time polling, testing, and performance assessment tools increase teacher effectiveness. Whole-class activities motivate students and focus their attention resulting in documented test score improvements.

LearnStar´s interactive curriculum includes core subjects for elementary, middle and high school with standardized, state-specific aligned items as well as supplemental content for ELL students, life skills and financial literacy. The multimedia, race-to-the-finish style has the pace and excitement of an action-packed computer game. This learning method encourages students to evaluate solutions by synthesizing new material with existing knowledge, and the captivating game format makes them want to learn.

SmartTRAX fulfills the vision of uniting technology with education by bringing truly interactive, whole-class activities into the classroom. Investments in Laptops, Desktops, Palm OS, Pocket PCs, MACs and other technology are maximized when LearnStar´s unified learning methods bring teachers, students and technology together.

About LearnStar, Inc.

LearnStar is an innovative publisher of interactive educational software for the K-12 school market. Designated as a Media & Methods 2004 and 2005 Portfolio Award Winner and a 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 Codie Awards finalist, LearnStar´s system is an interactive software solution designed to enhance learning and provide instant assessment. Including approximately 30,000 question items, LearnStar´s technology is platform independent and can be successfully implemented on a school´s existing technology. Its software has a proven track record for increasing test scores, improving knowledge retention and motivating students. LearnStar makes learning fun! For more information about LearnStar and its latest release SmartTRAX, visit www.LearnStar.com.

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