BOSTON (February 9, 2007)–WGBH Boston Video will debut The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America on DVD March 20, 2007.

Philip, 44, worked out, played golf, and died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Pat, 57, didn´t know she had high blood pressure and diabetes–until they led to her heart attack. Robin, 42, knew that an inherited form of high cholesterol put her at risk, but first of multiple heart attacks caught her by surprise.

Heart disease is the number one killer on America and one of the nation´s greatest health challenges for both men and women. More than half of all people who die of heart disease succumb without warning the other half have the disease lurking in their body for years before it strikes. And while there is no cure, doctors are learning remarkable new things about the disease, including where it starts, how it occurs, and what that means for us.

The Hidden Epidemic showcases the stunning scientific advances that are transforming the field of cardiology and how they impact us. It also covers the emergence of heart disease as a major problem for Americans, dating to the post-World-War-II period of prosperity, widespread smoking among adults through the fifties and sixties, and the resulting effect on the nation´s diet and exercise habits.

Following the documentary, Larry King of CNN´s Larry King Live and the Larry King Cardiac Foundation hosts a half-hour discussion featuring some of the country´s top medical experts and physicians who present important strategies and practical tactics for improving the health of your heart.

Bonus features:

*10 Easy Steps to a Healthier Heart from Reader´s Digest Magazine

*Printable fact sheets about heart disease

*Heart-Healthy Recipes from chef and television host Ming Tsai, and PBS Kids shows Arthur, Zoom, and Postcards from Buster

*Bonus interview with Larry King about his own heart disease experiences

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PRODUCT NAME: The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America
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PREBOOK: 2/20/07
STREET: 3/20/07

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