PASeries Formative Assessments From Pearson Education eviewed by National Center on Student Progress Monitoring

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Feb. 20, 2007 – Pearson Education announced today that two products from the company´s award-winning formative assessment product line, PASeries (Progress Assessment Series®), have undergone a scientific review by the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring. PASeries Mathematics and PASeries Reading both meet multiple criteria for rigor of student progress monitoring tools under the standards set by the National Center.

The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring is funded by the U.S. Department of Education´s Office of Special Education Programs and serves as a national technical assistance and dissemination center dedicated to the implementation of scientifically based student progress monitoring. The National Center has established a standard process to evaluate the scientific rigor of commercially available tools to monitor student progress. Each of the process´ standards is composed of two or three essential components, and a tool must demonstrate evidence on each critical component to be considered sufficient for a particular standard. Fewer than 50 products have participated in this rigorous review process, launched in 2004.

PASeries Reading and PASeries Mathematics meet the Center´s Progress Monitoring Standards for alternate forms and adequate yearly progress (AYP) benchmarks, as well as the Center´s Foundational Psychometric Standards for reliability and validity in student progress monitoring tools.

"We developed PASeries to offer school districts research-based, pre-built assessments for forecasting student growth toward performance standards," said Douglas Kubach, president, Pearson Educational Measurement, developer of PASeries. "We are proud that our formative assessment products have stood up to the rigors of the National Center´s review process."

PASeries Reading is designed to measure reading progress throughout the school year and to forecast growth for students in grades 3-8. PASeries Reading uses the industry-standard scientific Lexile Framework® for Reading. Lexiles® provide a common scale for matching reader ability and text difficulty, allowing easy monitoring of student progress. The reading formative assessments include screener, progress and diagnostic tests, focusing on overall ability as well as specific skills in reading.

PASeries Mathematics uses The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics to evaluate student progress in grades 3 to 8. Launched in 2004 by MetaMetrics® Inc., Quantiles® measure student math achievement on a developmental scale similar to the way that Lexiles measure reading ability. The Quantile strands – Geometry; Measurement; Numbers and Operations; Algebra/Patterns & Functions; and Data Analysis & Probability – integrate and align with the strands described by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). PASeries Mathematics includes a screening test for placement, six progress monitoring tests for each grade and diagnostic tests by strand.

PASeries is one of Pearson Education´s complementary formative assessment products designed to offer schools, districts and states the flexibility and functionality to meet their unique assessment needs. Pearson´s formative assessment products range from engines for creating and delivering benchmark tests to research-based items and pre-built tests for screening, progress and diagnostic uses, available on paper or online.

In addition to PASeries Mathematics and PASeries Reading, the PASeries product line includes PASeries Algebra I and PASeries Writing.

PASeries is distributed to states and districts by Pearson Educational Measurement and Pearson Assessments. For more information about the PASeries product line, visit .

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