Debate grows over ‘software as a service’

InformationWeek reports that as the trend of “software as a service” continues to grow; some companies and IT professionals are debating the necessity of “client code” with applications.  The future success of companies that adopt the “software as a service” model is the ability to innovate and get new features out.  However, one of the problems with current iterations of this model is the need for code placed on client computers. The presence of this code requires more management on the part of IT professionals.  In addition, it can hamper upgrades, as clients may be slow to adopt upgrades.  The trick for vendors may be to adopt “no fuss” client code, code so unobtrusive that IT can ignore it.  Because of the interplay of these issues, debate is currently raging. Software engineers are grappling with the question of the role of client code in the future, and business managers must be up to the task in answering this question…

eSchool News Staff

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