eMedia Music Donates Music Software to Promote Music Technology

Seattle, WA – February 20, 2007, eMedia Music Corp., through a donation of music software, has enabled the Kirkland WA based Rock School to promote music technology and further music education in the community. The donation allows Rock School to teach guitar, bass and songwriting using eMedia Guitar Method, eMedia Rock Guitar Method, eMedia Bass Method and PG Music´s Band in a Box software at three of Rock School´s teaching sites. eMedia is committed to music education and is proud to support Rock School´s efforts to teach and inspire a new generation of musicians.

Rock School is a non-profit corporation in the greater Seattle area whose purpose is to provide a positive environment for creativity and artistic musical expression. Rock School exposes aspiring young musicians to a rich musical curriculum designed to inform as well as inspire. While attending Rock School, dedicated musicians age 12 to 21 will have support and guidance while participating in one of the most informative, educational, and challenging program of their lives. At Rock School, students gain hands-on technical experience in critical areas such as recording, song-writing, marketing, music theory, and on-stage performance, as well as an understanding of the determination and dedication it takes to succeed in the music industry today. Whether it´s pop or punk, metal or blues, Rock School provides the essential technical training and fundamental knowledge necessary for success. Above all, Rock School is dedicated to the development of the whole person through mentorship with caring, supportive, and inspiring professional musicians.

eMedia Music Corporation is a software developer dedicated to producing high-quality multimedia music instruction software. Formed in 1994 by Adrian Burton, formerly a manager at Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, eMedia is now the world´s leading publisher of music instruction software. eMedia´s flagship titles are the best-selling eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method. In addition, there are follow up lessons with eMedia Intermediate Guitar Method and Intermediate Piano & Keyboard Method. eMedia Bass Method is the first comprehensive multimedia bass tutorial. eMedia also produces Guitar Songs, which teaches classic guitar hits, and Blues Guitar Legends, which teaches original blues songs. As well developing music software, eMedia also distributes EarMaster Pro, an ear training software program, Guitar Pro, a popular guitar notation program and PG Music´s Band in a Box, an accompaniment program used by musicians and students alike. Most recently eMedia Music launched the eMedia Essential DVD series, the first truly interactive DVD series for guitar and bass instruction. eMedia´s titles have been critically acclaimed by sources such as Newsweek, Guitar One magazine and PC Magazine.

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