NetSupport DNA 2.7 IT Asset Management Software Offers Educators A Simplified Way to Centrally Discover, Manage and Track IT Assets

Alpharetta, GA–February 22, 2007–IT asset management ranks as one of the top priorities for CIOs, according to a leading industry analyst. Until now, however, tools for inventorying and managing IT assets have remained beyond the budget of most educational institutions. With the release of NetSupport DNA 2.7, Dynamic Network Administration software, IT professionals in education have an affordable, easy-to-use system for keeping IT costs in check.

"A majority of educational institutions do not have efficient ways of keeping track of their IT assets," says Marcus Kingsley, Group Sales & Marketing Director of NetSupport. "That opens them up to dangers like system downtime from improperly implemented upgrades, potential licensing violations, poor customer service, overpaying on license fees and improper usage of software and the internet by students. With NetSupport DNA, IT departments at educational institutions can know what hardware and software they have in place, monitor application usage, budget more accurately for upgrades, improve their in-house IT support and performance and even track student Internet usage–all resulting in greater efficiency and reduced IT costs."

In addition to the existing Windows and Linux support, the new version of NetSupport DNA also features full Windows Vista support and the introduction of a new optimized delivery system within the Software Distribution component, resulting in a 500% decrease in typical distribution times. On the reporting front, the custom Query and Reporting Tool now encompasses an automated Scheduler and the option to assign custom data views to specific operators, also included is the ability to automatically assign restrictions on application use by department and a powerful new Data Cache controller for networks with high data volumes.

NetSupport DNA 2.7 includes hardware and software inventory, software distribution, application and web metering, query-based reporting, alerting, a web-based help desk component and remote control functionality. NetSupport DNA eliminates hidden implementation and training costs.

"With just a few clicks, IT managers can learn how many computers on their network have Windows XP loaded, how many students go to certain URLs and for how long, who uses which applications more than once a week, and so on," says Kingsley. "NetSupport DNA suits the needs of educational IT departments that have tight budgets, less manpower and less time in which to accomplish more tasks."

About NetSupport, Inc.

NetSupport, Inc. is a member of the NetSupport Group of Companies, headquartered in The UK. Its flagship products are NetSupport Manager PC remote control and desktop management, NetSupport DNA enterprise IT asset management and NetSupport School computer lab instruction and monitoring software. NetSupport and its derivatives are sold worldwide and enjoy market-leading status in many countries. For more product information, call 1-888-665-0808 or visit

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