´WebLessons´–Making Web Content Instructional

Dallas, TX, February 22, 2007 — When students use the Internet today, they are typically doing independent research for an assignment, or they are socializing with peers. Teachers rarely have students use the Internet as a 21st century textbook, a primary source for subject-area instruction. WebLessons changes this. This new e-learning application guides students from one quality Web page to the next with engaging, easy-to-use learning activities.

Developed by eLearning Systems International, a U.S.-based provider of online learning solutions, WebLessons is a hosted e-learning application for both educators and students. "We did focus group testing with educators who subscribe to Learners Online, our e-journal of Web-based teaching and learning. We found that while the publication did a good job of guiding teachers to great sites, it provided no easy way for them to share the resources with students," said Mary Ashmore, founder of eLearning Systems. "Our research led us to create WebLessons as the technological backbone for using the enormous number of Web resources in a learning context."

Each WebLesson follows a proven instructional model. First, students are introduced to the topic through a situated learning proposition designed to activate prior knowledge and generate interest. Next, they delve into the learning stage as they are guided through a series of Web resources related to the topic. Students never have to type a URL, and they only go to pages relevant to the topic. Students then have a chance to practice what they learned by taking a short quiz. Lastly, they are asked to apply what they learned in meaningful ways by completing a final written project related to the initial scenario, making the entire activity circular.

WebLessons can be used as a directed self-study activity for students, leaving teachers free to provide assistance to individuals or teams. WebLessons can also be used for whole-class instruction. Behind the scenes, teachers use the automated learning management features of WebLessons to manage student profiles, assign lessons, track student progress, grade lessons and provide feedback. They are also able to use the preparation stage offline as a whole-class discussion.

WebLessons currently provides lessons in the content areas of social studies and science for grades 3-12. More than 60 lessons cover earth and life sciences while nearly 200 lessons cover social studies content in the areas of geography, United States history and world history. On average, the company is adding lessons to the database weekly and new topics will incorporate language arts and math.

Pricing and Availability

WebLessons pricing starts at $750.00 per teacher per annual subscription. Teachers can use the system with an unlimited number of students. Volume discounts apply. An annual subscription includes access to all available lesson topics as well as free user support and online training.

About eLearning Systems International

eLearning Systems International is a U.S.-based developer of online learning solutions, providing Web 2.0 applications for teachers and students, as well as consultation and custom development for non-profit organizations with an educational charter. Their expertise allows them to create systems that maximize the potential of the global network as a platform for managing and delivering highly effective instructional programs at any time, from any location, using only a standard Web browser. With offices in Dallas, Texas and Johannesburg, South Africa, the company was founded by Mary Ashmore, an outspoken advocate for web-based teaching and learning. For more information visit www.elearningsystems.org.

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