Teens can multitask–but what are the costs?

The Washington Post reports that many students report feeling more productive and less stressed as a result of multitasking.  However, some researchers aren’t so sure.  Because there haven’t been long-term studies on the subject, experts are unsure about multitasking’s effect on teenage development. Some do believe that moving from task to task could have serious consequences on the ability to focus and develop analytical skills. Because parts of teenager’s brains are still developing, there is special concern over teens’ multitasking. Jeff Grafman, chief of neuroscience at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke thinks that “Introducing multitasking in younger kids in my opinion can be detrimental. One of the biggest problems about multitasking is that it’s almost impossible to gain a depth of knowledge of any of the tasks you do while you’re multitasking.” …

eSchool News Staff

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