How to keep your data from being destroyed

InformationWeek reports that IT professionals must always be vigilant about the threat of internal data theft.  However, perhaps an even bigger concern is the prospect of an employee outright destroying sensitive data. Recent high-profile cases have brought increasing scrutiny to this growing concern.  Despite the wide availability of tools that wipe hard drives clean, there are many measures that companies can take to protect themselves. The wide availability of software that cleans hard drives is having the effect of making criminals less tech-savvy as before. While technically, none of these products markets itself as a means to cover up a crime, IT personnel need to be aware of data-wiping utilities installed on employee computers. Employees possessing this software outside the confines of the IT department have very little reason to argue that they need this type of software.  An IT employee also has to be extremely vigilant not to touch or alter a disk drive that has been discovered to be wiped, as courts will want to know why evidence was tampered with…

eSchool News Staff

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