The IQity Graduation Practice Test is Effective Preparation

NEW ORLEANS–Schools faced with increasingly demanding state and federal standards under "No Child Left Behind" and other laws have a tough challenge in 2007. For the first time, high school students in 23 states must pass high-stakes tests graduation tests, such as the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) and the Graduation Exit Exam (GEE 21).

Altair Learning Management, the developer of the IQity Learning Suite, is introducing the IQity Graduation Practice Test at the American Association of School Administrators Conference in New Orleans March 1-4, 2007.

With the online knowledge, experience and resources to help students in each state–
whether they are full-time online students, attend a traditional bricks-and-mortar school or a combination of both–IQity has created an online practice test to the students in each state tailored to its requirements and that of each school. Altair officials say the IQity Graduation Practice Test is designed for each school district to allow it to develop a high-stakes testing tool it can deliver under its own banner.

IQity provides an online experience that trumps other existing test preparation products," said William Lager, president of Altair Learning Management, which developed the tool. "It offers full-color visuals to stimulate student interest. It also enhances student confidence in passing a high-stakes test for graduation with interactive practice quizzes delivered in the fun environment of online learning.

"It exclusively offers lessons, practice tests and tools that are aligned with each state´s curriculum standards and benchmarks, and we can tailor it to each state´s and school´s needs as a virtual school or a statewide school system, all for pennies per day."

Made available last fall for the first time to several Ohio districts, it is the only online tool developed for Ohio students by Ohio educators and reviewed by the same Ohio educators who served on the Content Advisory Committee for the actual OGT administered by the Ohio Department of Education.

The IQity Graduation Practice Test applies the same benchmarks and standards to each state´s standards, such as the benchmarks for LEAP.

"The competition–whether online or in a paperback book–does not measure up," Lager said.

Costing just a few cents a day per student, IQity offers school districts and students a unique assessment and practice system. Training is self-paced and free to those who use the tutorial material.

Teachers and parents may assign work and monitor progress, through special tools to assign lessons and quizzes, while parents may monitor progress and work with their children through student access passwords.

For additional information on this preparation tool by IQity, call (877) 474-8966 or go online at

About Altair Learning Management

Based in Columbus, Ohio, privately-held Altair Learning Management provides educational services to students, teachers and school districts in Ohio and throughout the United States. It operates the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, an online charter school with 7600 students throughout Ohio and markets the innovative IQity learning management system to schools throughout the United States.

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