Math FACTMASTER® Online Allows Educators to Track Student Math-recall Fluency with Internet-based Tools

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., March 2, 2007–For 20 years, Math FACTMASTER®´s engaging animated characters, sound effects, games and activities have made acquiring math facts fun for students in grades one through six. Now Curriculum Associates, a leading publisher of research-based supplemental curriculum materials and tools for today´s diverse classrooms, has created Math FACTMASTER Online, allowing users access to the program´s class-proven multimedia content and learning analysis tools via the Internet.

Math FACTMASTER combines fun for students with solid cognitive and educational research. The program builds number facts fluency by using a powerful tool for learning–thinking strategies that link new knowledge to a student´s existing knowledge, tailoring each session based on students´ previous responses. Educators use the online management tools to adjust classroom and student use. Because the program´s management system is web-based, schools can provide students access to the student software to download for home use and the software automatically pushes student data to the management software.

The Broward Community Charter School in Coral Springs, Fla. is one of the first schools to adopt Math FACTMASTER Online, and according to Principal John Drag, Jr., "This new online version makes it easy for us to extend our school day and provide our parents with essential material critical to our students´ success. FACTMASTER can be easily accessed at home or anywhere an Internet connection is available. The kids love it!"

Math FACTMASTER supports the NCTM´s Standard of "quick recall of basic facts" by developing math-fact fluency. Students gain automaticity for facts through the 12s in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The program also hones higher-order thinking skills through story problems.

Math FACTMASTER varies the presentation of math problems, provides continuous review, and rewards students with positive feedback, colorful animations and entertaining "Checkpoint" games that motivate them to master more facts. At the end of each session, a printable homework sheet is presented for daily paper and pencil practice. Test-prep activities are also available for additional practice.

According to Frank Ferguson, the president of Curriculum Associates, "While kids find Math FACTMASTER´s game-like environment fun, educators appreciate its ability to build auto-recall mastery based on solid cognitive and educational research. And, the robust teacher management tools provide educators with instant access to student data."

Math FACTMASTER Online´s management system enables teachers to tailor instruction to each student´s needs and also to group students by ability. Other management tools include detailed student records to aid with accountability and centrally-stored records that allow for data retrieval independent of the user´s location. Educators can also generate an array of detailed reports:

*Class, Group and School reports show mastery rates, sessions and progress.

*A Mastery Table report shows which of the 121 math facts from each of the four operations have been mastered, are not mastered or are yet to be presented.

*A Response Times report displays recent average response times for each of the 121 facts from each of the four operations.

*A Progress Chart shows the percentage of mastered facts for each operation from each module for the last 20 sessions available.

*A Test Prep report displays date of test, time taken and the number and percent correct.

*A Next Session report shows the facts, response times and presentation mode of each fact in the next session, as well as the number of mastered facts needed until the next Checkpoint game activity.

A one-year subscription for 19 classrooms (25 students) runs $69.00/classroom. Quotes for renewal subscriptions and larger installations may be requested by contacting Web Services Administrator. The CD-ROM-based Math FACTMASTER program remains available for single-computer installation.

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