Telrex Announces CallRex API for the CallRex IP Recording and Monitoring Platform

VoiceCon® Spring 2007, Orlando, FL–March 5, 2007–Telrex, developer of IP recording and monitoring software for businesses using IP PBXs or hosted VoIP services, today announced CallRex API (application programming interface). CallRex API provides complete access to the CallRex recording and monitoring platform including all CallRex Professional and CallRex Multi-Media Add-On features. Software developers can now add real-time IP recording and monitoring capabilities to third-party applications.

"CallRex API enables developers to utilize the CallRex platform for VoIP call recording and monitoring, and computer recording and monitoring capabilities," said Bob Cordes, VP Product Management at Telrex. "With the new distributed services software architecture in CallRex Professional Release 3.5 and its nearly unlimited scalability, the CallRex platform enables developers to make ´interaction recording and monitoring´ an integral component of business processes for SMB, mid-sized enterprise and hosted environments."

CallRex API is available free of charge to approved software developers, value added resellers and independent software vendors. Telrex provides comprehensive documentation and sample code, and also provides fee-based developer-level support and evaluation software. CallRex deployments require the purchase of CallRex Professional and optional CallRex Multi-Media licenses.

CallRex API can be applied to a wide variety of business software and communications applications. Examples include call centers, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and collaboration.

In a call center solution, CallRex API enables the ability to record, monitor and playback agents´ phone calls and computer screens directly within the call center software. This level of integration streamlines a call center environment to increase productivity and can add new capabilities such as online training and performance measurement. With CallRex API, calls and computer screens can be triggered to record automatically based on a variety of criteria such as agent ID, Automatic Number Identification (ANI), skills-based routing, and more. In addition, CallRex API can be applied to both premise-based and hosted call center solutions.

Applied to CRM applications, CallRex API enables capabilities such as creating and automatically linking call recordings to customer records, all from within the CRM application itself. End-users work within their CRM application to begin recording a call, flag a call based on custom defined fields, and link the recording with customer records for later retrieval. All interactions are stored in one location and are readily available for purposes such as tracking customer service levels, sales training, dispute resolution and ensuring regulatory compliance.

CallRex API integrates with IP communications, unified messaging (UM) and collaboration applications to enable recording and monitoring of all types of interactions. For example, users can gain the ability to record IP phone calls as well as chat, video and collaborative whiteboard sessions for later retrieval and playback all from within their communications application.

"Key advantages that developers gain are the benefit of Telrex´s solid and robust code base plus years of experience interoperating with all of the leading IP PBX´s and hosted VoIP solutions," says Cordes. "Through the CallRex API, we make it easy for developers to make IP recording and monitoring a part of any solution."

CallRex is licensed on a per-user basis and can be deployed on multiple servers without incremental server licensing fees. CallRex can be physically deployed across multiple sites or located centrally depending upon customers´ infrastructure requirements. CallRex is managed as a single system from any location, provides multiple options for storing recorded calls, and delivers enhanced archiving features to streamline administration.

For more information about CallRex API please contact Telrex at +1 (425) 827-6156, email or visit

About Telrex

Telrex provides VoIP call recording and monitoring, computer recording and monitoring, and agent evaluation software to small and medium businesses using an IP PBX or hosted VoIP services. CallRex supports IP-based phone systems, VoIP softswitches and unified communications solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Microsoft, 3Com, Mitel, ShoreTel, BroadSoft, Sylantro, Tekelec, NEC, Siemens, Asterisk, Pingtel, Fonality, TalkSwitch, Switchvox and more. Telrex offers its suite of IP recording and monitoring software through value added resellers worldwide.

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